18x2 Glerr Sound Speaker Box Scheme For Outdoor Kvsub 25 Models

18×2 Glerr Sound Speaker Box Scheme For Outdoor Kv sub 25 Models

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18x2 Glerr Sound Speaker Box Scheme For Outdoor Kvsub 25 Models

the size of the 18inch speaker box scheme is two for the field
model: KV sub 25

welcome we say to you hazamusik loyal visitors, above we have given a speaker box scheme that has a thick and fluffy sound, 18 ” speaker box scheme two is a speaker box scheme that is very much sought after lately, because it has a good sound when in mix in 4ohm system. The speaker box scheme above has been applied for a long time in Italy by using the RCF component speaker

to get an optimal result from the speaker box scheme above, use wood measuring 18mm with a slant on the inside, the speaker box damper can be replaced by the foam sofa damper type, the frequency produced by this speaker box if using RCF type speaker components can reach 45-155hz with optimal results, hopefully useful for all colleagues. Gleeerr greetings

Download Schematic Everything here:

Download here

Alternative downloads

Download Di HAZA MUSIC

Please download the scheme and size at the link above by going through safelink to get the destination download link, thank you.

Article source : HAZA MUSIC

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