18 Inch Speaker Box Scheme Tha Cv 18 Subwoofer

18 Inch Speaker Box Scheme Tha Cv 18 Subwoofer

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18 Inch Speaker Box Scheme Tha Cv 18 Subwoofer

18 “speaker box, the latest model that has been produced by Tigger Sound, I will give the scheme later below, the 18inch speaker box scheme is the bass sound kicked, named THA CV 18.
18inch speaker box circulating in the market starting from scpop, turbo, hybrid, and horn, but it all depends on the taste and speaker components that you use in choosing your speaker box. You can make sure the components you use are many of us using the famous speaker box scheme but the speaker component not in accordance with the request box, the results of the sound from the speaker does not kick or does not fit the desired volume, while the speaker box and speaker components themselves have specifications to be integrated in the speaker box, and the spl of the speaker is also very supportive so that the bass kicks

So what speakers are suitable for this THA CV 18 speaker box ??? Under this there are three types that have been tested, these speaker components are widely circulating in the market so I tried to use these components, which obviously have cheap components very suitable in your pocket

  1. RCF P400 speaker
  2. RCF p300 speaker
  3. 1200 watt wisdom speaker
  4. 900watt creff speaker

Combined with the power amplifier brand CA18 is pretty good for those of you who want to use this speaker box in the field and don’t forget you are using management or crossofer at 60Hz frequency so that the soft sound comes out perfectly, this speaker box scheme has a frequency of 40-90Hz if you press it to the number higher then the wind is too strong indeed more kick but I personally like the frequency of my setting 60hz management

Download Schematic Everything here:

Download here

Alternative downloads

Download Di HAZA MUSIC

Please download the scheme and size at the link above by going through safelink to get the destination download link, thank you.

Article source : HAZA MUSIC

Use 18 mm priplex wood so that the sound is more maximal and the box does not vibrate and use special wood glue before nailing or scrupting, and another after the speaker box has finished so it should be allowed to stand for two days so that the glue dries perfectly and then it is tested

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